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When I'm not in front of the computer working, I do like to get hands on creating life size movie props. These usually become massive projects, but in the end are totally worth the time and effort that goes into each to complete. Constructing a life size replica of some of my favourite movie characters to surround my office with is simply better then having a action figure of that character displayed on a shelf.

These pieces always attract a lot of attention when people encounter them in person due to how real they appear as if they are actually staring back at them. Each project starts with the construction of the skeleton body made up of PVC tubing. I try to mimic a stance that I would like the character to be in once complete. Over time I do like the change up the stance so I do make these full adjustable just in case I'm in need of a change. Trying to make each become free standing rather then having it propped up against a wall is probably the hardest challenge I'm faced with. Once that is achieved, I then wrap the PVC pipes with foam to start giving the over all body its shape and form.

With the help of other prop builder website tutorials and researching reference photos the projects start to really take shape. Most of the construction that makes up each piece is all done by hand, with the use of everyday house hold items that are pieced together to come up with the final character design. With the use of many tools, a sewing machine, airbrush and heating and moulding acrylic materials most of these are created from scratch. If possible I will purchase pre-made items to help complete the over all mannequin for things I just cannot do with my own resources. Once a project is to a point where I feel its 'near done', I pull out the trusty old airbrush and start the whole weathering process that I feel truly makes the project come to life.

Below is a collection of the life sized mannequin projects that I have currently surrounding my office. Most are near complete but still need to have the last stage of 'weathering' done in order for me to really call them a completed piece. So until that stage happens, they all will remain to be works in progress. I will continously add new photos if and when I might revisit one of these projects with updates.
star wars life size projects
Tusken Raider

tusken raider

Darth Maul

darth maul

Boba Fett

boba fett



Kylo Ren

keylo ren

horror life size projects
Freddy Kreuger

freddy kreuger

Jason Vorheese

jason vorheese

Michael Myers

michael myers




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